About Edgewise coils

Edgewise coil of rectangular wire with excellent lamination factor and heat dissipation nature is suitable to be used as a rotator.

In order to form an edgewise coil, additional pressure of centrifugal force is applied during use as a rotor, and deformation due to centrifugal force is reduced.

In an electric motor or generator, centrifugal force during rotation is associated with a rotor. Due to this reason, a product must be fitted to the rotor, which can withstand deformation due to centrifugal force. Therefore, the four corners of the brazed type coil of rectangular copper wire in the conventional magnet are used.
An edgewise coil is a coil, which bends the rectangular wire (tabular) to the width direction that is originally hard to bend. Since the pressure of centrifugal force is associated with this, it is formed by a pressing machine at the time of bending. There is also the feature of causing only a little deformation by centrifugal force, and it becomes a coil suitable for use as a rotator.
We excel in the manufacture of edgewise coils that can be used for the rotor of a large-sized electric motor or generator. These products are being provided to domestic and overseas customers.

Major merits of using edgewise coil for rotors.

□ Lamination factor is high compared with the round wire, and heat dissipation is also high. □ Rotor is most suitable for large electric motors and generators. □ Manufacturing cost is cheaper than a magnet and a brazing coil. □ Deformation due to the centrifugal force is small since it is formed under high pressure. □ Can be produced quickly with speedy equipment because of the single-layer structure. □ Enables stable operations since coil is formed only with copper wire.

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  • The edgewise coil of our company is being used as a rotor of domestic large-sized electric motors and generators.
    Rotors for large-sized electric motors and generators are not only used in the domestic market, but also used extensively in the overseas market.

Edgewise coils

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