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Our newly manufactured products (including repairs) have been sent to many heavy electrical makers in Japan and overseas.

Edgewise coils of Mitani Goukin have been supporting industries around the world.

So far, we have been continuously delivering edgewise coils to many heavy electrical makers both home and abroad.
It is mainly used as a field pole of rotor in hydroelectric power generators, diesel generators, large-sized synchronous motors and DC motors.

  • Field pole for hydroelectric generators
    Field pole that we manufacture is used in many domestic and overseas hydroelectric power plants. We have a proven track record of all the Japanese electric power companies using our field poles.
  • Field pole for diesel generators
    Many salient type field poles are being accepted as rotor for quick rental generators, marine vessels and power plants located in remote islands. There are also many production track records in our company.
  • Field pole for synchronous motors
    There are a number of production performances of field poles of synchronous motors for large mill motors in steel plants. We have many production track records for domestic and overseas steel mills.
  • Field pole for DC motors
    Although new DC motor manufacturing at home has been decreased, it is used in many steel mills and vehicles.
    Yet there is a demand in repairing or renewal of insulation. Our objective is to meet the demand of each user company in the future.

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