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Mitani`s large-sized edgewise coils are used for hydroelectric power generators, diesel generators, and large-sized synchronous motors.

We perform integrated production from winding up to insulation processing through all the facilities required for large-sized edgewise coils.

While being fully equipped with essential facilities required for large-sized edgewise coil production, we conduct tasks from winding up to insulation processing in the integrated production.
The edgewise coil of our company is mainly used as a salient-pole rotor of hydroelectric power generators, diesel generators and large-sized synchronous motors. In the case of using a coil for rotors, the intensity and accuracy can be encountered because of deformation due to the centrifugal force during rotation. If a large-sized edgewise coil is especially used for a rotor, considerable intensity and accuracy will be required.
The Edgewise coils of our company meet such a high demand, and we are constantly developing equipment and technology required for manufacture. Our company not only conducts coil winding, but also performs integrated production up to the insulated process. As a result, we provide higher quality, large-sized edgewise coils to the customers.

  • Coil Forming by large-sized winding machine
  • It corresponds to the winding maximum outer diameter of 4200x800 up to 20mm thickness. It is possible to manufacture highly precise, large-sized edgewise coils.
  • State of the insulation processing
  • After bending a coil by the winding machine, the insulation process and the integrated production for the assembling work of a large-sized rotor coil are performed.

We have several winding machines that support a variety of edgewise-coil making, and integrated production ranging from winding to insulation is possible.

The largest automatic winding machine in Japan and 7 different sets are used properly according to the size and form of coil production.

The large-sized winding machine in the domestic business was begun including several winding machines with full equipment only for edgewise coil manufacturing of various sizes for industrial requirements. As a result, we can send products of the exact quality to the customers quickly.

Moreover, the latest winding was installed in 2013 to perform the automatic bending process for further improvement of manufacturing. This high speed automatic winding machine has replaced the semi-automatic winding machine that was operated by double manpower.

The winding machines at Mitani

□ Large-sized automatic winding machine
□ Medium size automatic winding machine
□ Medium size winding machine (semi-automatic)
□ Small size winding machine
□ Flat-wise winding machine  ---etc

  • Large-sized automatic
    winding machine
  • Medium size automatic
    winding machine
  • Medium size winding machine (semiautomatic)

Our substantial experience and facilities related to edgewise coil manufacturing enables us to minimize the cost and time.

It is possible to make proposals since our company has in-depth knowledge to achieve cost effective and reliable edgewise coil making.

The coil used for large-sized salient pole of a rotor is mainly made by the method of brazing the four corners of rectangular copper wire, and producing a brazed type edgewise coil.
Since an edgewise coil is wound continuously, the production time is reduced and we can expect its high reliability.
We propose you to change the design from brazed type edgewise coil (brazing coil) to the wound type edgewise (edgewise coil) system, as well as updated insulation.

Main advantages of using an edgewise coil of rotor

□ It is most suitable for the rotor of a large to super-large model electric motor and generator.
□ It can be manufactured more cheaply than a magnet and a brazed type coil.
□ Deformation due to centrifugal force is small because it is formed under high pressure.
□ It is possible to produce speedy equipment because of the monolayer structure.
□ It facilitates to realize stable operations since the coil is formed only with copper wire.

As a leader of edgewise coil manufacturing in Japan, we are supporting both domestic and overseas heavy electrical makers.

If a craftsmanship, technology and equipment are not the main aspects it is unable to make products that lead the world.

The leading Japanese heavy electrical makers are enhancing the edgewise coil of our company. It not only means "the quality of a product is good or bad", and "the equipment that are not owned by other companies.”
Of course, those things are important, but the most important thing for our company is obtaining broad experience through the relationship with everyone, and attempting to improve the manufacturing technology. If this is not accomplished, it is not possible to take neither quality nor equipment to the next step.
The Mitani edgewise coil is filled with the passion of those who are engaged in such craftsmanship.

We deliver reliable products from Kyoto to the world.

The endless progression of our company will continue to overcome challenges in the future.
While gaining experience in the domestic business, we will continue to deliver products that support global industries.

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