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Mitani's technology from Kyoto to the world
In order to follow the heavy electrical equipment makers

In order to follow the heavy electrical equipment makers, Mitani Goukin Co., Ltd. was established as a copper alloy casting enterprise in Kyoto in 1953. From its inception until to the 1980s, it has been mainly engaging in the manufacture of brush holders, core and coils for DC motors of trains for about 30 years.

Due to the change to AC motors of trains in the 1980s, there was a decrease in the production volume. At this time, the company shifted to manufacture the coil of synchronous generators and water turbine generators, performed the assembling of magnetic field poles by utilizing the know-how gained by the train motor, and established high quality technology and equipment.

Today, our products have obtained reliance from every heavy electrical manufacturer in Japan, who makes manufacturing requests from us. Moving beyond the domestic business, we also receive requests from every heavy electrical equipment maker in the world, as Mitani's quality of trust has been recognized worldwide. By raising the working capability with further ingenuity in technology, we are committed to be able to accept orders from all heavy electrical makers around the world in the future.

Tetsuo Mitani President Mitani Goukin Co., Ltd.

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