Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to produce just coil, or core (iron core) only?
We manufacture coil separately, and core as a single item.
Since we have extensive experience in coil-core assembly, please consider your reception of assembly of our company by all means.
To what kind of electric wire size can an edgewise coil be manufactured?
Or, Is it possible to fabricate an edgewise coiling to whatever wire size?
In order to fabricate edgewise coils, the wire thickness range is 1-mm~20 mm and width range is 12 mm~150 mm for winding. However, it depends on the ratio of width and thickness (W/t) and the type of winding machine to be used. The ability of manufacturing range can be changed by R bending. For details, please contact us.
Is it possible to respond even for small quantities, such as the prototype?
We manufacture even from a single piece.
Can you respond to quick delivery? Or, Can you respond on short notice?
We will consult in order to respond to your request as much as possible.
Can you also perform repair-related work?
We have extensive experience in performing repair projects such as updating insulation. For details, please contact us.
Is it possible to consult about various generators and motors?
Yes. Our company specializes in coil making, even in non-core.
Therefore, we will support you by utilizing our wide range of network.
Please contact us for the arrangement of various relevant parts.