Mitani Goukin Co., Ltd. contributing to the industry around the world through edgewise coil manufacturing with reliable technology and facility.

As a leader of edgewise coils and a field pole manufacturer of our company’s own technology and equipment, we aspire to fulfill any order regardless of the domestic and international requirements.

Based on "Mitani's technology and creativity",
we deliver products that support diverse industries around the world.

Since its inception in 1953, our company has been engaging in the manufacture of copper alloy-casting goods. By utilizing the know-how acquired through copper alloy casting, new technology was introduced into the shift and the usual state to the special factory, which performs integrated production from the manufacture of edgewise coils and field poles used for electric motors and generators from around 1980.

Since then, we have been manufacturing high quality and efficient products.As a leader of edgewise coils and a field pole manufacturer, we are providing products to the customers and supporting domestic and overseas industries. "Mitani's technology and originality" will meet the customer's requirements while conveying the trust of quality both now and in the future.